Collector Potential for Early Fender Reissue Stratocasters

February 06, 2010

We at The Fender Reissue Shop often get asked what reissue strats will be the best investment over the long run.  The recent 4 years or so have seen the prices on these early reissue strats more than double, particularly custom color and early 1982 instruments.  The fact is that not too many of these 1982-1984 reissue strats were finished in custom colors (black, vintage white, fiesta red, candy apple red, and lake placid blue), which means that they rarely come up for sale.  The same holds true for early 1982 reissue strats with rare features (red or grey bottom pickups, neck pocket serial number sticker, and factory routing).  There are only a couple thousand early reissue strats that have these features, and likewise they rarely come up for sale.  It is the opinion of The Fender Reissue Shop that custom color reissues from 1982-1984 and early 1982 reissues will continue to be the most collectable into the future.  Just imagine that it is 1990 and you have a choice to buy a fiesta red 1962 strat or a sunburst 1962 strat.  Currently a fiesta red strat is worth over double what its sunburst counterpart is.  The only reason for this is the extreme rarity of the custom color!