Featured Reissue #1. V000449. 1982 '62 RI Strat.

March 5, 2010

This may just be the holy grail of early Fender Reissue Strats!  This is one of the earliest serial number we have seen at The Fender Reissue Shop!  V000449 serial number with matching neckpocket sticker, rare red bottom pickups with thin plastic wiring and factory bodying routing.  This reissue has an early 6-5-82 neckdate and pots dating from the 6th week of 1982.  The original 3-way switch is even still in the guitar!  This guitar came from the factory with the extremely rare "tagless" case.  The very first reissue strats to be made in 1982 were shipped in Fender Tweed cases that did not have the rectangle Fender tag underneath the handle.  I have only seen this on a few very early reissue cases!  This truly is a 100% original "closet classic" 1982 '62 reissue stratocaster.  Thanks to the reader that sent these pictures in, we are all drooling here at The Fender Reissue Shop!