Corona Era (1985-present) Fender Reissues

The Corona, Ca plant opened its doors in the very last months of 1985.  Production started off very slow at the new factory with only a handful of guitars being produced per day during the initial months.  These early Corona era reissue are very high quality instruments, and like their older Fullerton era cousins have fantastic build quality.  When the new factory opened there was still an excess of parts left over from the Fullerton, Ca factory that were used in production.  For these reason the very first Corona era reissues had the same body contours as Fullerton era reissues.  Likewise, left over pots, pickups, and capacitors were also still used on the first reissues to come out of the Corona, Ca factory.

Here you will find many early Corona era reissues that have passed through the doors of The Fender Reissue Shop.  Many of these instruments have been sold but we do have a few that are currently for sale.  Please use the contact page and sign up for our newsletter for a pricing list.