1988 Fender '52 Reissue Telecaster - $2350. SOLD


1988 Fender '52 American Vintage Reissue Telecaster.  This early '52 reissue telecaster is like new!  This guitar had never been taken apart before these pictures.  You can still see the factory buffing compound they used 22 years ago under the control cavity!  This guitar is near mint condition.  The only thing that keeps this tele from being mint is a small chip in the finish near the neck pocket (which happened when I took neck off for pictures).  This is practically a brand new guitar.  This seriously was put under someones bed for 22 years and just pulled out now!  Serial number of 9846 stamped on bridge.  Tele comes with original certificate of authenticity dated 10/18/1988 with matching serial number.  Tele also comes with original tweed case, ashtray bridge cover, and original manual.  What a package!  Why would you buy a new '52 tele from guitar center when you can buy this brand new 22 year old '52 tele?  Just check out the pictures.  I don't think this guitar was even played! $2350. SOLD