1988 Fender '57 Reissue Stratocaster - SOLD


1988 Fender '57 Reissue Stratocaster finished in custom color Black.  Comes with original tweed case.  Neckplate of V026145, neck date of 6-2-88, and pot codes of R1378835, denoting they were made the 35th week of 1988.  This guitar is in great shape.  The original thin nitro finish looks amazing.  There is no finish checking in the nitro finish!  There is one very small ding in the finish near the input jack.  There is also a small area at the neck pocket that chipped off when the neck was removed.  This black finish looks amazing!  The frets are in great shape, only showing a very small bit of wear on the first 3 or so.  There is a spot of wear on the first fret area of the fretboard.  The back of the neck is in great condition.  No dings or dents in the playing area, super smooth.  There is a small chip in the finish on the underside of the neck at the 15th fret.  Guitar is 100% original except for a replaced graphite nut.  The original thin nitro black finish is just amazing.  Near mint condition.  Only a few small dings keep this guitar from being mint.