Fender Custom Shop Reverse Proto LTD Stratocaster Prototype - SOLD


Fender Custom Shop Masterbuilt Reverse Proto Stratocaster. This guitar is based off of a prototype stratocaster made by Fender in 1980. This prototype was supposed to be a jimi hendrix stratocaster with reverse headstock and front body cutout. The project never got off the ground and only a few proto-types exist. I have heard rumors that as many as 6 of these original guitars still exist (we have one of these originals).

This guitar is the custom shop masterbuilt recreation of that stratocaster. Only 100 of these Fender Masterbuilt Reverse Protos were made and they rarely come up for sale. This is an exact recreation of the original prototype. We took a picture of our original 1980 prototype next to this masterbuilt version. Our original prototype has yellowed quite a bit over the last 33 years.

Guitar is all original and in great shape. Frets are perfect. Neck is perfect.

Masterbuilt by Dennis Galuszka.

Comes with all of its original case candy, including a 15 minute DVD featuring John Mayer (Fender used John Mayer's original 1980 prototype as the guitar they cloned).

The previous owner had a round sticker on the front of the guitar, so there is an ever so slight difference in the shade of white at this location. The nitro aged a tad differently where the stick was. You have to look at it in just the right light to see it. There are also a few small scuffs on the back of the guitar body. There are a few small imperfections in the finish on the back of the guitar that I tried to capture in the close-up shots. There are no dings or dents in the finish.


If interested, please contact us at thefenderreissueshop@gmail.com