Fender 2004 John Mayer Masterbuilt Prototype Stratocaster Proto 2


 Fender John Mayer Masterbuilt Prototype "Proto 2" Stratocaster.  Masterbuilt by Chris Fleming at the Fender Custom Shop in 2004.  Hand written "Proto 2" on back of headstock.  A total of 4 John Mayer Signature Stratocaster Prototypes were made.  Each of the 4 prototypes had a unique number/coding (JM001, JM002, Proto 1 and Proto 2).  These strats were given to John to play on his 2004 and 2005 tours.  We were able to acquire JM002 a few years ago and just recently purchased Proto 2 from a fellow John Mayer collector/enthusiast.  This guitar is a fantastic playing instrument.  It comes with a Fender Custom Shop case with a label that reads "Mayer Proto".   Proto 2 does not come with a COA from Fender, as this guitar was never meant for circulation (whereas JM001 and JM002 have a COA, as they were meant for John to Keep as personal guitars).

At this time  do not have photographs of John Playing this strat on tour (I have tons of different photos of him playing JM002).  Really the only way to tell what strat he is using on stage is to look at the different patterns of the tortoise guards.

This guitar is not for sale.