Fender 1982 '62 Reissue Stratocaster. $4799. SOLD.


Fender 1982 American Vintage '62 Reissue Stratocaster.  Super low V000466 serial number!  This is one of the very first 1982 Fender '62 Reissue Strats to be made.  This is the earliest '62 Reissue that we have seen!  These early Reissue Strats with the 000 serial numbers usually are '57 Reissues, as very few of these low serial number V000 Strats are '62 Reissues.  These early '62 Reissues are so rare, that we at The Fender Reissue Shop have only seen 2 other V000 '62 Reissues!  This particular strat is finished in its original 3-Sunburst nitrocellulose finish.  Early neckdate of 6-18-82.  Pots stamped the 6th week of 1982.  This guitar has it all!  Rare early red bottom pickups with all original solder and pots.  The body has been factory routed within the control cavity.  This is one fine example!  The neck is straight at as arrow and its sets up perfectly.  The original vintage style frets are in great shape and the finish on the neck looks amazing.  There are some scattered chips within the 3-Sunburst finish.  This guitar also has an extra hint of vintage mojo, as it was signed by Jimi Hendrix's father Al Hendrix.  Very cool! Comes with super rare "tag less" Fender tweed case.  Only the very earliest reissue strats/teles came with a tweed case that did not have the Fender logo underneath the handle (please check out tele 0146 for another example).  SOLD.