1983 Fender '57 Reissue Stratocaster - SOLD


1983 Fender '57 American Vintage Reissue Stratocaster.  This guitar is finished in custom color Vintage White!  This guitar is 100% original except for the upgraded 5-way switch.  The pots date to the 48th week of 1982, the neckdate is 9-23-83, and the serial number is V005869.  This guitar has its original black bottom pickups and large orange Sprague capacitor.  This guitar is a player and sounds fantastic.  The thin nitro Vintage White finish has a bit of wear and checking, just enough for a cool vintage vibe.  There is a nice buckle rash on the back of the guitar and the wood can be seen underneath.  This strat just screams mojo!  Strat comes with Fender tweed case, tremolo arm and tremolo spring envelope.  If you have been holding out for a custom color Fullerton era reissue strat with some vintage vibe, then this is your guitar. SOLD

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