1984 Fender '62 Reissue Stratocaster - SOLD


1984 Fender Stratocaster '62 Reissue.  You are looking at a genuine 1984 Fender American Vintage '62 Reissue Stratocaster from the Fullerton, Ca factory!  This guitar is one of the best playing strats that we have had at The Fender Reissue Shop.  The neck on this guitar is just amazing!  Dark rosewood with a tight grain pattern.  The body has s few bumps and bruises on it, but it is still in great shape for being over 26 years old.  Neckdate of 3-26-84, pots staped R1378330, denoting they were made the 30th week of 1983, Neckplate stamped V007729.  We found this guitar locally here is Chicago and the previosu owner had replaced the bridge saddles.  Guitar has 5-way switch installed.  Other than this everything else is 100% original. SOLD

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