1982 Fender '57 Reissue Strat. SOLD


JUST IN!!!  1982 Fender '57 Reissue Strat.  This is one low serial number!  V001108!  This guitar features the super rare grey bottom pickups with thin plastic wiring.  These pickups are even more rare than the red bottom pickups!  All solder on pots is original.  This guitar has all of the early features.  Factory body routing within the control cavity and neck pickup cavity!  Original neckpocket serial number sticker.  Pots are stamped R1378206, denoting they were made the 6th week of 1982.  The thin nitro finish on this strat has a cool relic vibe to it, there are scattered chips and dings to give it a worn in look.  The neck has a very nice color to it and has darkened nicely over the years.  The nut has been replaced and there was a second hole drilled the the strap button on the edge of the guitar. Other than this, this guitar is 100% original.  Includes original 1982 Fender tweed case and the case candy shown.  This will not last long at this price! SOLD

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