Two Rock Steve Kimock Signature Amplifier w/ Custom Cab - SOLD


Two Rock Steve Kimock Signature Amplifier Head and Cab.  Serial number 5. This amp is one of the original 10 prototypes that were made. Features handwritten "Kimock" on faceplate and Steve Kimock's signature on the back.

I had a custom head cabinet and a custom 2x12 speaker cabinet made by Taylor at Amplified Nation. Taylor builds custom cabs and he modeled this setup to match my Dumble ODS #077. He did a fantastic job on the cab. The cab comes loaded with 2 EVM12s speakers that are in mint condition. This is one awesome sounding setup! The original black tolex Two Rock head cabinet is also included in the sale.

Only 25 of these were ever made. These amps were crafted by Two-Rock designer and co-founder Bill Krenard and Steve Kimock himself. This amp is incredible and plays like a dream! This amp is highly collectable and a great investment. It is signed on the back by Steve Kimock, Bill Krenard, and Joe Mloganoski.

Here's the original description from the Two-Rock website: Once dubbed the "The High Priest of Magical Guitar Tone," Steve Kimock has teamed up with Bill Krinard to develop the Kimock Signature Amplifier. This incredible tone machine contains a mix of new, old, out of production, and custom components each individually chosen to produce the most toneful, responsive, articulate and musically inspiring Two-Rock amp to date. All told, more than 600 man-hours of research (not including Bill and Steve's previous experience & collaboration, this is just the parts swapping/listening aspect of the project) went into this amp. As luck would have it, the components chosen include several pieces which are difficult, if not impossible, to find, anywhere. Hence, only 25 units will be available due to parts scarcity. A friendly, easy to play amp that has an organic feel, hard to quantify in words, but sounds like a great, broken in, harmonically rich amplifier.

The Kimock Signature has an incredible lead channel that is very responsive without being compressed or mushy.

Quick Facts: 2 channel, cascading, SS Rectifier, 2 X 6L6, 50 watts. 4, 8, 16 ohm output, FET input (foot switchable), treble, middle, bass, bright, mid, deep, dual EQ settings, boost, gain and master each channel. Special design transformers, individually selected components, each amp signed off by Steve Kimock personally. Dimensions: 20" L x 10" D x 12" H / Weight: 41 Lbs.

This amp originally sold for $9,500 when it was released in 2005. Last month a Two Rock Steve Kimock amp (serial number 22) sold for over $8000 on ebay, and that was just the head.


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