1980 Fender Jimi Hendrix Prototype Stratocaster Reverse Proto - Not For Sale.


1980 Fender Jimi Hendrix Reverse Prototype Stratocaster.  Original Prototype from 1980.  There are only a handful of these original prototypes out there.  So far, only 5 have been documented!  SRV was able to get his hands on one and often used it in live shows.  John Mayer also owns one, which the Custom Shop borrowed in 2005 to recreate this guitar with the limited edition 100 replicas.  This is an original prototype from 1980!  Extremely rare.  

Guitar features the reverse headstock with the "Original Prototype, not for resale, Fender Musical Instruments" stamped into back of headstock.  Guitar also features the front cutout on the front of the body.  This is one cool guitar!  Guitar has been played and there are scattered chips and dings in the body.  This is a once in a lifetime guitar!

Serial number of S972741.  The other documented prototypes that I have come across have serial numbers of S972750, S972270, S972257.

Not for Sale.